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  • Lavender Collection
      (Reg. $75)

    Product Description:

    For normal to sensitive skin types.

    The magic of French Lavender to calm and soothe your skin every time!

    New exclusive scent, a naturally invigorating and rejuvenating tonic for your skin. Complete shaving solution including Pre Shave Oil, Shave Cream and After Shave Soother. Recommended for all skin types

    - Complete shaving solution
    - Soothes and calms your skin with essential oils
    - For normal to sensitive skin types

    Benefit : The Lavender Collection will keep your skin feeling smooth for a pain free & close shave, leaving skin smooth.

  • Face Care Regiment - All Face Products
      (Reg. $93)

    Product Description:

    Included in the set:

    Face Wash: Sulfate-free, ultra-light formula that gently removes excess surface oil and dirt without stripping away natural oils necessary for healthy skin.

    Face Scrub: This gentle non-drying cleanser exfoliates and polishes the skin with natural ingredients. Formulated with crushed apricot shells to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells that block pores, encouraging skin cells to renew faster.

    Face Moisturizer: Made with natural sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and enriched with powerful antioxidants Vitamin E and Green Tea extract, to combat the signs of aging as it moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin.

    Eye Cream Revitalizer: Enriched with powerful antioxidants Vitamin E and anti-aging Green Tea extract, it tightens skin under the eyes, masks lines and puffiness, as it nourishes, moisturizes, and protects. Reveals visibly younger, tighter skin.

  • 3 Blade Razor w/ Shaving Products
      (Reg. $100)

    Product Description:
    3 Blade Razor Black: These elegantly designed shavers are sculptured works of art that deliver the closest, most perfect shave. Hold the Gillette® Mach 3 blades .

    Pre Shave Oil (½ oz): Prepares skin for shaving.

    Shave Cream Verbena (1oz): Opens pores, softens hair and protects skin.

    After Shave Soother (1oz): Provides a long lasting moisturizing effect for protected and smooth feeling skin.

  • Minimalist Kit Orange Sandalwood
      (Reg. $115)

    Product Description:
    "Best Pre Shave Oil of 2011"
    - Men's Health Magazine Grooming Awards 2011

    eShave's Minimalist Kit has all of your wet shaving needs in one kit!

    Includes 30 days of shaving products and a Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Nickel Brush Stand.

    - Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush
    - Nickel Brush Stand
    - 1/2 oz Pre Shave Oil
    - 1oz Shaving Cream
    - 1oz After Shave Soother

    Available in 4 original scents :
    - Orange Sandalwood: For all skin types
    - Verbena Lime: For all skin types
    - Lavender: For sensitive to normal skin
    - White Tea: For all skin types