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How to Shave for Women

How to shave for women

Preparing to shave

Shave after the shower or use a hot towel: the hot water loosens up pores and softens the hair for a closer shave. Lightly rub êShave Pre Shave Oil onto skin to protect the skin and allow the razor to glide easily. Lather up a dab of êShave Shave Cream with êShave Shaving Brush or your fingers to soften and raise the hair away from the skin for a closer shave.

How to shave

Shave with the grain using your êShave Razor. Forget pressure, change your blade often and let it glide over prepared skin in the direction of hair growth. For stubborn hair, reapply shave cream and repeat shaving in a sideways motion, using small strokes to prevent irritation.

Protect after shaving

Rinse and rub moistened êShave Alum Block against the skin to close the pores and cleanse the skin. Pat skin dry and apply êShave After Shave Cream or After Shave Soother for maximum comfort.


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  1. Pre Shave Oil Lavender - 2oz

    Pre Shave Oil Lavender - 2oz

    For Sensitive to Normal Skin eShave Pre Shave Oil is re-known around the world as an effective light weight oil and is the first step to efficiently prepare your skin for shaving. eShave Pre Shave Oil Benefits: - Protect your skin by creating a layer of oil over the skin - Coat and soften your hair to allow the razor to glide easily - Relieve shaving irritation by avoiding the direct contact between the skin and the blade - Eliminate dryness by moisturizing while preparing skin for shaving Unique Properties: A light weight shaving oil that won't clog your razor, the most popular scent in the world, a highly effective shaving preparation. Secret uses: For Bump Relief, eShave Pre Shave Oil can also be used after shaving to help prevent bumps and ingrown, just rub to affected areas and make penetrate when done shaving. When growing a beard, It is also a great beard and skin moisturizer to use daily to hydrate the skin and relieve dryness irritation as well as soften the hair for a more polished look. Available in 6 scents: All skin types: White Tea, Orange Sandalwood, Verbena Lime Sensitive to normal skin: Lavender, Cucumber. Dry to normal skin: Almond.
  2. Badger Hair Shaving Brush Pink

    Badger Hair Shaving Brush Pink

    All eShave Badger Shaving Brushes are hand made in New York City by our artisan, one piece at a time. eShave Shaving Brushes are a must-have for the perfect shave. Our shave brush is the fastest and easiest way to prepare for shaving. An eShave badger hair brush ensures a close shave and prevents irritation. eShave shaving brushes are made of 100% badger hair to exfoliate, generate a rich lather, soften and raise your hair for a close and comfortable shave. Badger hair brushes are the only type of brushes that retains water and keeping hot water on the skin is the secret to a close shave.
  3. 5 Blade Razor Pink

    5 Blade Razor Pink

    eShave just got closer with our 5 Blade Razors which hold the Gillette® Fusion™ blades. These elegantly designed shavers are a sculptured work of art that delivers the closest, most perfect shave. The 5 Blade Razors fit comfortably in the hand and are easy to use. Unlike any shavers you have used before, eShave's 5 Blade Razors will take your shave to the smoothest level yet. Nickel Finish: Modern silver-nickel finish
  4. Alum Block

    Alum Block

    Alum Block is known as the "Magic Stone", this mineral bar is your best ally against shaving nicks and cuts. Alum block is: - 100% natural - Formulated to stop bleeding instantly - Provides both an astringent and antiseptic effect - Can also be used as an after shave to close the pores and cleanse the skin Alum Block Benefit : Closes the pores after shaving and tones the skin.
  5. After Shave Cream Cucumber - 4oz

    After Shave Cream Cucumber - 4oz

    For sensitive to normal skin eShave After Shave Cream is our version of best After Shave Balm. Formulated with Shea Butter, it is the perfect finishing touch to leave your skin toned and soft. Our After Shave Cream’s benefit will: -Penetrate your skin quickly and easily when applied after shaving -Provide a long lasting moisturizing effect for smooth feeling skin Unique properties: eShave sensitive skin Aftershave cream is combined with healing aloe vera and comfrey extracts to make both an ideal post-shave and after-sun treatment, can also be used as a hand cream all year long ! Secret Uses: The fresh, clean scent of cucumber is considered to be an aphrodisiac—just one more reason to indulge in the eShave experience every day. Available in 3 scents: All skin types: White tea Sensitive to normal: Cucumber Dry to normal skin: Almond
  6. After Shave Soother Lavender - 6oz

    After Shave Soother Lavender - 6oz

    Voted BEST Post Shave Lotion for 2012, by Men’s Health Magazine . For sensitive to normal skin Our Award winning After Shave Soother will: -Leave your skin smooth and fresh -Absorb quickly -Non greasy and lightweight Unique properties: Infused with essential oils of lavender, this After Shave Soother leaves a pleasant fresh feeling as it calms, hydrates, and soothes sensitive skin. Secret Uses: Ideal for daily use, eShave’s Lavender Aftershave balm clarifies as it tightens the pores, and restores the skin’s suppleness and softness. Available in 4 scents: All skin types: Orange Sandalwood, Verbena Lime Sensitive to normal skin: Lavender, Fragrance Free

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  7. Pink S Stand Set For Women

    Pink S Stand Set For Women

    eShave S Stand Shaving Set with Luxury Razor and Badger Hair Shaving Brush. Elegance and whimsy blend beautifully in this creative sculpture that evokes a feeling of free-flowing movement.
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