O Stand Shaving Set (Free Travel Shaving Brush Green)

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The eShave O Stand Shaving Sets are timeless pieces of art with stylish, modern, and forward design to satisfy the taste and high standards of sophisticated men, all around the world.
eShave offers Shaving Sets that are customizable. Create your own Shaving Set perfect just for you in 4 easy steps

Step 1 Choose your Shaving Stand

You chose The T Shaped Shaving Stand, classic silhouette with its two arms stand at different heights to hold both your eShave Shaving Brush and your eShave Shaving Razor.

Step 2 Choose your razor

-5 Blade Razor Nickel Finish:Hand made in New York City by skilled artisans, one piece at a time, and designed to hold the high-quality Gillette® fusion™ refillable blades. You can also create your own shaving set with our DE razor
Step 3 Choose your color from our range of 7 colors to suit your taste and match your decor

Step 4 choose the quality of your Shaving Brush: To complete your experience

-Fine Badger Hair: Fine badger hair is a good quality hair that will soften with time. This brush should last 3-5 years with minimal maintenance.
-Finest Badger Hair: It is soft at the tip yet resistant enough to last up to 5-7 years. Upgrade to it as soon as you know you will be using your brush regularly.
-Silvertip Badger Hair: Silvertip badger hair is the softest and the most resistant hair. Silvertip brush heads are hand assembled and should last 10 years or more when used properly.

Just add the shaving products from eshave and you are ready for a perfect shave with No razor burn, no bumps, no ingrown hair, no 5 o’clock shadow, just irresistible, touchable, smooth skin. That’s the eShave promise, All A Man Needs For The Best Shave EVER