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Transform your daily shave into a pleasurable experience in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Warm Water

Shave after you shower or use warm water to thoroughly wet your face before shaving. No time for a shower? No problem! Apply a warm, wet towel to your face for a few minutes. This first step is very important because it will help soften your hair and open your pores.

Step 2: Use a Pre Shave Oil

Want your razor to glide over your skin? Be sure to use a highly emollient Pre-Shave oil. Select a high quality Pre-Shave oil that will have the right formulation for your skin type so that it won’t cause you to break out or leave your skin feeling greasy.

Step 3: Application

For the best shave ever, it’s critical that you use a Badger Hair Shaving Brush when applying the shaving cream or if using a shaving soap. A high-quality shaving brush is the most effective way to guarantee a smooth, painless shave. The bristles gently exfoliate the skin, removing anything coming between your whiskers and the razor. Sweep the brush in a circular motion over your face to lift the hair up and away from the skin. This will ensure the closest shave possible without irritating your skin.


Step 4: Shaving

Now that you’ve completed the necessary preparation steps, you are ready for your razor. It’s important that you always use a sharp blade and rinse it often. Start by shaving in the direction of hair growth. For stubborn hair, reapply shaving cream and repeat shaving in sideways motion, using small strokes to prevent irritation. Around the neck area, where hair grows in different directions, run fingers along neck to feel and follow the pattern.

Step 5: After Shave

So, you’ve followed all of our steps and are ready to start your day, right? Wrong! Don’t forget to seal and protect your freshly shaven skin with a light after shave cream designed to penetrate the skin quickly and easily. Once you’ve applied your after shave cream, you are ready to face the day.


Shaving preparations, hair gel, cologne, sport shower gel, face lotion, after shave… Today, men’s bathroom cabinets are as packed with products as women’s. Men’s grooming is the fastest growing market in the beauty biz ($14 billion a year) and there seems to be no slowing down.


Men’s magazines have paved the way for making grooming macho. Even department stores are responding to the demand by giving more space to men’s cosmetic brands. And this isn’t a passing fad or a trend for a minority—grooming has gone mainstream. Like women, more and more men are feeling the pressure to look better and younger in their jobs and their personal lives.


In their quest to obtain the ultimate shaving results, men seek out the latest and greatest shaving creams, pre shave oils, and after shave soothers, but continue to deal with razor bumps and irritation. Why? Because they have neglected to invest in a high-quality shaving brush. This is what many shaving experts will refer to as the “must-have shaving tool.”


The shaving brush is the ultimate weapon against ingrown hairs and bad shaves. The reason is that badger bristles help to soften and raise the hair away from the skin to ensure a close shave and prevent shaving irritations such as razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs. It also helps generate a rich, foamy lather. Most interesting, the warm, wet bristles also gently exfoliate, acting like a broom to sweep out the debris trapped in the pores.


Now that you have a brush and are using it, remember that you must maintain it. A high-quality brush can last you 5-10 years only if you take care of it. After each use, simply rinse, shake excess water, and hang hair down to dry either with a convenient cord that some brushes come with or with a shaving stand designed to hold your brush.


Once you’ve used a shaving brush, you’ll wonder how you ever shaved without one.

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