Jeen lathering with green shaving brush in front of mirror

How To Shave – The Basics

Many of us have problems when it comes to shaving. Do you know why? Because we have been shaving the wrong way since we’re kids!! Let’s face it, we think we only need some sort of Shaving Razor, and a lubricant to protect the skin. However, if you get dry skin, or if you cut yourself too much, or if you get bumps or razor burn, there is a LOT to learn because believe it or not, that is not normal. Here are a few basic points to start getting more in touch with your inner-barber.


The first thing you need is a good razor. Disposable razors are the worst because the blade tends to get dull almost immediately. If you use disposable razors, make sure you throw them away after each use (hence the name disposable).

Then there are the razors with disposable heads (See Razors) (e.g. Gillette Mach 3, Schick Quattro, or Gillette Fusion). The quality and sharpness of these blades is better than any of the disposable razors. If I was you, I would get one of these. It is important that you choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable when shaving and that has the right amount of blades for your type of skin and kind of facial hair.

Finally, for those of you that are knowledgeable enough and that are looking for a little thrill, there are also safety and straight edge razors (See Razors). These can be a little bit trickier and dangerous because you can cut yourself easier. So if you get one of these just make sure you get proper training.


After having chosen the proper razor, you need the right product to shave. This is when we all start running into trouble. Most people tend to use Shaving Creams and Shaving Gels that come in a can. That is the worst! Most of those shaving products have alcohol, which is one of the ingredients that tend to cause more problems. It dries your skin up and it closes and clogs the pores. To avoid these problems, I recommend you switch to a gentler, alcohol free, Shaving Cream. (Shaving Cream)

Most creams in the market are made as a paste. They are a step ahead of stuff in the can but I am still not a fan of them. I find them too thick for the razors, so they clog them, and you need to shave with more pressure, therefore you still getting razor burn and irritation.

What I suggest is that you switch to a water activated, lathering Shaving Cream. Most lathering Shaving Creams require using a badger hair brush. The reason to use this kind of brush is that badger hair is the only hair that absorbs water and still keeps its shape and elasticity when wet. If you start using a badger hair brush, your skin and general feeling about shaving will change drastically.


The Shaving Brush (Shaving Brushes) will exfoliate and make your hair come out straight out from the pore so that you get a better, closer shave. Also, you will activate the cream with warm water, so when lathering, your pores will remain open. The consistency of the lather will be light enough so that it does not clog neither your razor nor your pores, but it will also be thick enough so that it gives you enough moisture and protection.

So now that I’ve told you how to use it to your advantage, get the right products and start experimenting in this journey to get The Best Shave Ever!!! You will LOVE IT! And then you will wonder why no one told you all this before