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How To Use a Shaving Brush

Get the most out of your Badger Hair Shaving Brush with these great tips from the shaving experts at eShave.

The shaving brush is the fastest and most effective way to lather shaving cream for a close and comfortable shave.

After the shower, apply eShave Pre Shave Oil and run Shaving Brush under warm water. Dip it lightly into Shaving Cream and lather up directly onto face in circular motion. You only need a dab of Shaving Cream to get a rich, lush and warm lather.

Steps for Using a Shaving Cream Brush

Now my secret for an even richer lather!

Before you get into the shower:

  • Fill up sink with warm water
  • Open up the hair of your badger hair shaving brush
  • Add a dab of shaving cream in the middle
  • Close back the hair so that the cream is locked inside, and throw it into the sink

When you come out of the shower, your shaving brush is ready for you. You’ll be amazed at how rich and thick the lather will be.

It’s important to maintain your brush properly. After shaving, just rinse it with warm water, shake off excess water, and hang it hair down to dry on your shaving stand. This will allow your Shaving Brush to last for many years.

You can also use the string that came with your brush to hang it.

What’s a brush without the cream?

The eShave Shaving Cream was formulated to work perfectly with a brush. It is water activated and in contact with your brush, it will generate a rich, lush lather to allow for The Best Shave EVER!

You will only need a tiny small amount of Shaving Cream to generate a super-rich fluffy lather.

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