Bottle of eShave After Shave Soother
How to

How to Use Your After Shave Soother

Get the most out of your After Shave Soother with these great tips from the shaving experts at eShave.

Before using your eShave After Shave Soother, make sure you pat your skin dry. This will help the skin absorb the lotion easier and moisturize deeply. You can then apply a small amount of eShave after shave into hands and massage onto face.

Your eShave After Shave Soother:

• Soothes skin after shaving
• Leaves face feeling fresh and smooth
• Moisturizes skin

Now our After Shave Soother secret!

After shaving, splash cold water onto face to close back the pores, then pat skin dry and apply after shave soother. It will allow the cream to penetrate immediately and moisturize the skin.

Our After Shave Soother can also double as a body lotion. It is super lightweight and provides immediate hydration & relief.

First hydrate, then heal the skin!

When done, you can use eShave Pre Shave Oil to helps with bumps, ingrown hair and razor burn.

eShave Pre Shave Oil helps heal skin, and not only you will look good, you will feel good!

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