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How To Use Your Double Edge Razor

Get the most out of your Double Edge Razor with these great tips from the shaving experts at eShave.

The Double Edge Razor is making a come back on the market as it holds the least expensive blade and allows for a super close shave. However beware, it takes some technical knowledge to use it right.

It is important to hold your razor at the right angle to avoid nicks and cuts. Shave with the grain using your eShave Double Edge Razor. Change your blade often using stainless Double Edge blades and let it glide over prepared skin in the direction of the hair growth.

For stubborn hair, reapply shaving cream and repeat shaving in a sideways motion, using small strokes to prevent irritation. Around the neck area, where hair grows in different direction, run fingers along neck to feel and follow the pattern.

Using a Double Edge Razor

Make your Razor Last

Always keep your Razor clean and rinse your blade after every use. Once cleaned, hang your Razor to dry on a Shaving Stand to keep it away from the counter and prevent bacteria growth.

Change your blade often

We recommend using stainless double edge blades, which you can buy at any drugstore around the world.

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