Bottle of eShave Pre Shave Oil
How to

How To Use Your Pre Shave Oil

Get the most out of your Pre Shave Oil with these great tips from the shaving experts at eShave.

Remember, preparation is half the shave. And using your Pre Shave Oil is the first step to prepare the skin and the hair for optimal result.

Always start your shave after the shower or after using a hot towel, because hot water loosens up the pores, and softens the hair to prepare for shaving. Squirt 3 drops of your eShave Pre Shave Oil into hand and lightly massage onto face and neck. Massage less a minute, just long enough to coat the skin and not have it penetrate to prepare skin for shaving.

Your eShave Pre Shave Oil:

  • Coats the skin to create a layer of protection over the skin so that there is no direct contact between the skin and the razor. This will eliminate half the irritation.
  • Softens and coats the hair, to allows the razor to glide easily and prevent pulling on the hair.
  • Relieves shaving irritation.
Steps for Using Pre Shave Oil

Now our Pre Shave Oil secrets!

Using your eShave Pre Shave Oil after your shave is also great!

  • It helps with bumps, ingrown hair and razor burn. Just squirt 1 drop in your hands and massage to make it penetrate. It will help heal your skin without feeling greasy.
  • Should you wax your eyebrow, use the Pre Shave Oil after waxing. It will instantly relieve the burning sensation and take away the redness.
  • Want to keep that scruffy look for a couple of days and still look good. Massage a few drops of Pre Shave Oil into beard to soften the hair, give it a very light shine, and leave you smelling great!
  • Okay, so you decided to grow a beard? Use your Pre Shave Oil also to moisturize skin and avoid dryness and rashes under your beard.

A clean face is a well shaved face!

Before shaving, make sure your skin is clean from all impurities released during the night. It will be easier to shave.

You can use our Face Wash at night before going to bed to clean the skin from all impurities accumulated during the day. This will allow the hair to come out easier, help prevent razor burn and be ready for a good shave in the morning.