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How to

How To Use Your Shaving Collection

Get the most out of your eShave Shaving Collection with these great tips from the shaving experts at eShave.

Always shave after the shower or use a hot towel. Squirt 3 drops of your eShave Pre Shave Oil into your hand and lightly massage onto face. The massage should last around 1 minute to just allow the oil to cover the skin.

It’s going to create a layer of protection over the skin. Make sure not to massage too long as this will make the oil penetrate, which you don’t want at this point, because that is part of your preparation. And preparation is HALF the shave.

Steps for Using eShave Shaving Collection

There are 2 ways to applying your eShave Shaving Cream to the face and neck. You can use your hands (not the best) and lather eShave Shaving Cream to the face, or for a rich and luscious lather, you can apply it by using a badger hair shaving brush.

Always shave with the grain using an eShave razor. Forget pressure, change your blade often and let it glide over prepared skin in the direction of hair growth.

When done, rinse face with cold water to close back the pores and pat skin dry before applying a small amount of eShave After Shave Soother onto face to soothe the skin.

Now you have just experienced “All A Man Needs For The Best Shave EVER!”

Complete your eShave experience

Complete your shaving experience by getting a full shaving stand set. It includes a badger hair shaving brush and a razor.

The badger hair shaving brush will save you time and money, while the 5 blade razor will help get the closest shave EVER. And let’s face it, this set will look good on your counter.

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