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About Razors

For the best results when shaving delicate areas such as the face and neck, and to prevent ingrown hair, bumps, and razor burns, always shave with the grain. Avoid using disposable razors since they're not sharp enough.Remember to go gently as more pressure on your razor does not mean closer shave it only means more razor burn. When choosing a razor go according to the coarsness of your hair, the time you have to shave, the ease of use to decide which razor blade is best for you.

3 Blade

eShave 3-blade Razors are fitted for the Gillette® Mach3® blade. it is a good quality blade that would give a close shave easily.

5 Blade

eShave 5-blade Razors are fitted for the Gillette® Fusion® blade.The best blade on the market in my opinion as it gives a close shave, is easy to use and very clever as it has two sides. The fron of the razor has muttiple very flexible blades to cut the hair sharply and give you a close shave. The back of the razor has one blade for those hard to reach area such as the upper lip and the sideburn.

DE Double Edge Blade

The double edge razor is making a great come back on the market and getting much interest from consumers as the fitting blades are very unexpensive. However this is a razor that requires some know how and can be quite difficult to use. The blade is super sharp and the angle to hold the razor is different from what you know with the 3 blade and 5 blade razor. Shaving afficionados love it, novices get cut easily.