My Father Never Taught Me How To Shave

In the life of every man, the moment comes when he has to shave for the first time. Usually, it is the father who’s teaching how to shave properly.

When I started to get hair on my chin, was my mother asked my father to teach me how to shave. But back then, she was not aware that my dad didn’t know either how to shave using a razor. Actually, I remember my paternal grandfather using an electric razor. So, it’s not surprising that my grandfather did not really teach my dad how to shave properly.

The few times my dad has used a blade razor, he was probably doing everything wrong. First, he was using disposable razors. Those blades crumble during the first shave and easily cut the skin. Then he was using shaving gel. In addition of not being earth-friendly, it is more difficult to apply, and it does not exfoliate the skin.

When it was my turn to shave following the instruction of my father, I experienced terrible shaving. After that, I never touched a razor again, if it wasn’t electric. I always kept a beard on my face. Fortunately for me, the scruffy beard trend arrived during my high school years. So, I had no more reasons to shave.

Still, my mom was disappointed that I did not shave like a real man, just like her own father did. She always had this image of the man who “knows” how to shave.

When I was a kid, my maternal grandfather was always using his shaving brush, his 3-blade razor and his shaving soap. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t really know how to use and maintain properly his tools. He always hit the sink with the razor to unclog it (damaging the blades in the process). Then he didn’t hang his shaving brush upside down (damaging this time the hair). Furthermore, he wasn’t using pre shave oil, and was using alcohol-based aftershave. All of these explains why he always had razor bumps.

I was condemned to shave with an electric razor for my entire life and never get the baby skin that all the shaving brands on TV were promising me. The question was who on this earth will help me to shave like a real man?

One day, I had a job interview with Danielle, the eShave owner. The first thing she said when I arrived at the interview with my beard was “God, another bearded guy!”. I was not the only one not to know how to shave.

When I started to work at eShave, the first thing I had to know was How To Shave Like A Pro. Danielle gave me Pre Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After Shave Soother, Badger Hair Shaving Brush and 5 Blade Razor. All A Man Needs For The Best Shave EVER!

Using eShave products and following the 3 Steps of shaving, I never had cuts or razor burns. And now I even can’t stand beard anymore.

My gift for the Father’s Day will be a shaving lesson, so that my dad loses his more salt than pepper beard. And I am sure he will enjoy it. After all, the next trend will be to have a close shave. And even my old daddy can be trendy!