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Flamenco Shaving Brush

This Whirling brush is inspired by the twirling skirts of a Flamenco dancer and is an homage to Pilar Rioja, a world-renowned flamenco dancer.

Fine badger
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Ceci est une Pipe Brush

Unique Shaving Brush gives a nod to Rene Magritte’s famous surrealist painting of a pipe entitled “Ceci n’est pas une Pipe”, in which art imitates life.

Fine badger
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Menage a Trois Shaving Brush

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Inspired by the image of three dance partners swaying together, giving the set a playful, yet sensual quality. Each piece fits perfectly into the next, suspended together in a rhythmic dance.

Fine badger
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Rising Star

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s famous “Melting Clocks” painting, this urban-chic razor looks and feels like soft, liquid metal that froze in your hand.

Gold plated
Nickel plated
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Serpentine Splendor

Inspired by the Chinese Ribbon Dance, this beautiful razor seems to spin continuously with elegant movement, gently twisting in the wind.

The exceptional eShave wet shaving brushes and razors in a design to delight and impress. eShave creator and designer, Danielle Malka, crafted this exclusive eShave collection with her immersive experience in the beauty industry and life as an artist, inspired by an Avant Garde modern style. Our Design Collection marries her love of form and function in a series of whimsical yet modern and elegant designs to perfectly compliment the luxurious feel of your decor and shaving experience.