eShave Shaving Cream lathers instantly, delivering essential conditioning ingredients to prime the skin for shaving.The rich, thick, warm lather helps soften the hair, open the pores , virtually eliminating shaving irritation for a close comfortable shave every time.

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eShave Travel Kit

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. eShave Travel pouch holds all your eShave products to take with you on the road. Get to experience all eShave has to offer in small size of our shaving and face care products to Prepare, Shave and Feel Great.  This bag will have you covered anytime you are away from home.

Travel Shaving Cream White Tea 1.7 oz Airless NEW

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eShave Travel Size Shaving Cream, in an airless travel safe and a TSA compliant size is great to take with you wherever you go. Our eShave Shaving Cream generates a rich lather for a close and comfortable shave free of razor burn and ingrown hair. It also protects the skin, coats the hair and allows the razor to glide easily. It is the perfect travel companion for the man who does not compromise on its shaving routine no matter where life takes you.