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Barber's Protocol for êShave Signature Shave (15-20mins)

  • - Apply a hot towel on the face for one to two minutes to open up the pores
  • - Rub two drops of Pre Shave Oil on the face and massage lightly onto shave area
  • - Place a second hot towel on the face
  • - Apply Shaving Cream Solution warm from the lather machine
  • - Perform the shave. Always follow the grain pattern and use small strokes with the razor to ensure a smooth shave
  • - Place a cold towel sprayed with rose water on the skin to close the pores and remove the excess cream on the face
      and neck area
  • - If dryness or irritation are present, apply one drop of Pre Shave Oil onto shaved area
  • - Deeply massage a dab of After Shave to moisturize the skin

FOR A GREAT SHAVE: Start with good preparation – And remember No pressure – No shaving without cream – No going against the hair


Professionnel Size Collection

Pre Shave Oil - Shaving Cream Solution - After Shave

Available in 7 scents: Fragrance Free, Almond, Orange Sandalwood, Lavender, Verbena Lime, Cucumber, White Tea

Barber's Protocol Video