Prepare is HALF the shaving! victor putting pre shave oil in hand


Everyone would tell you preparation is half the shave. You heard it over and over and over again. However, do you know why? Shaving is simple. To get a close shave, pain free you need not only to use good quality products but also to follow a few easy steps. So, in the next few weeks we will review with you each steps of shaving, how to do it and most importantly why.

At eShave we are promising you a shave without razor burn, bumps or ingrown hair. However, to achieve these amazing results we need your help. So, take the time to read the below and see to apply our simple rules.

To get a close shave, you need to shave with the grain. You’ll tell me easier said than done. You have tried in the past and no disrespect only by shaving against the hair were you able to get that close shave you want… and with it came the razor burn and the rest.

However, did you know that to shave with the grain, you need to prepare properly, meaning have your pores be Open, your hair Soft and your hair Raised away from the skin? Well yes, that is all you need! That is what we call at eShave your O-S-R. to always keep in mind every step of the way.

How do you prepare for this to be in place, simple; with the right preparation.

The first Step you take to get a close pain free shave, is preparation. Preparation is half the shave, no kidding.

Shave after the shower or use a hot towel over the face to loosen up the pores and start softening the hair. It takes around two minutes to achieve. Why, because that is the time it takes for your hair to start absorbing water and have it work.

Now that this is done, everything you will do next is to maintain this condition while you raise the hair to be able to shave with the grain. But don’t forget to protect your skin from the razor aggression.

Before shaving, do not forget the Pre Shave Oil!

Use eShave Pre Shave Oil:

Squirt 3 drops of your eShave Pre Shave Oil into hand and lightly massage onto your face and neck. Massage less a minute, just long enough to coat the skin and not have it penetrate to prepare skin for shaving.
Why: because this way the Pre Shave Oil coats the skin to create a layer of protection over the skin so that there is no direct contact between the skin and the razor. Right there you eliminated half the irritation. It also softens and coats the hair, to allows the razor to glide easily and prevent pulling on the hair. And it helps relieves shaving irritation.


Come back next week for step 2!