Step 3: Moisturize victor padding face


You finally got the close shave you wanted… Congratulation! But your Perfect Shave is not over YET! Don’t forget that your skin may be irritated, and that will cause razors burns. And because you are here to experience the Best Shave Ever, pay a close attention for the last but not least shaving step!

After shaving, clean your face with lukewarm water, so that your pores start slowly to close. It will help reduce bleedings in case you failed somewhere (to err is human). But to clean nicks and cuts and stop bleeding, the Alum Block would work best. This magic stone is the best tool to solve all of these problems while it also helps close back the pores after shaving and rebalance the PH of your skin. Run it under lukewarm water, and let it slide where you shaved! It will sting a little where you have nicks and cuts but feel really good and refreshing after shaving.

After applying, splash water to clean your face and remove alum block deposit, but this time use cold water to completely close the pores. Your skin is now ready for the last step of shaving. It is now time to moisturize your skin! First make sure you pat skin dry. Otherwise your skin won’t absorb the lotion effectively. Just apply a small amount of After Shave Soother into hands and massage onto face. This will moisturize deeply your skin, exactly what it needed after the aggression from the razor.

The After Shave Soother is the last step for the Best Shave EVER!

The closer shave you are looking for, the greater are the chance to get razor burn. But if you followed our 1st and 2nd steps carefully,  you will never experience that painful feeling again. However, if you still have bumps, you can use our eShave Pre Shave Oil to deal with it. No kidding! Just squirt 1 drop in your hands and massage to make it penetrate in the affected areas. It will calm the razor burn and heal your skin, and this without ever feeling greasy.

To conclude your Perfect Shave and get that good feeling, use eShave Face Moisturizer as it is a deep moisturizer doubled into a natural sun protection equal to 15 SPF. Gently massage 1 to 2 pumps onto face and neck until complete absorption. This lotion is a great protection for the active outdoor guys.


This conclude our eShave SHAVING 101 articles. Thanks to these tips, you are now ready to experience the Best Shave EVER! And do not forget to share in the comments below your shaving experience 😉