Shaving for Sensitive Skin

Shaving has become a lost art and there are many men who are wondering why it is so hard to get a good shave. Maybe they end up with razor burn and ingrown hairs. Perhaps the shave looks uneven. For men who have sensitive skin, there are a few tips to follow. In order to avoid annoying bumps and irritation, there are a few tips that will improve the comfort of the next shave.

The Pre-Shave Is the Focus

When it comes to shaving sensitive skin using men’s razors, the first step is the pre shave. This takes place before anyone reaches for a razor blade. It is important to try to avoid shaving first thing in the morning. Give time for the blood to start circulating again. This will give the whiskers time to protrude.

Then, always take a hit shower before shaving. This will make the skin softer, open up the pores, and release the whiskers. Try to think about using unique shaving products that have been designed for sensitive skin. This could include a moisturizing shaving cream or specialized pre-shave oils. These unique shaving sets will keep the skin moist as the shave happens, helping it go more smoothly.

Avoid Using Cartridge Blades

There is a line of thinking that believes the more blades the razor has, the closer the shave is going to be. This is not the case. When it comes to shaving sets, avoid cartridge blades, as these are not good for shaving sensitive skin. The reality is that the skin was not designed to have five blades rubbing on it. The best blades for shaving sensitive skin are safety razors. While these might require a bigger upfront investment, they are the best men’s razors and they will actually save money in the long run. Furthermore, with the right shaving cream and shaving oils, they will reduce the irritation that is caused by shaving sensitive skin.

Shave With the Grain

Do not shave against the grain. Yes, shaving against the grain will lead to a closer shave; however, is it really with the added irritation? When shaving sensitive skin, shaving against the grain is going to force every hair on the face in the opposite direction of normal. This is always going to lead to ingrown hairs, irritation, and bumps. Always shave with the grain.

Apply An Aftershave

Finally, men with sensitive skin should always make sure they use an aftershave. Try to stick with something natural, as alcohol is going to irritate the skin, seep into open pores, and cause pain. Stick to a natural aftershave that will soothe the skin, reduce irritation, and kill bacteria.

Important Tips for Shaving Sensitive Skin

These are a few of the most important tips when it comes to shaving sensitive skin. If you would like to learn more about how to shave sensitive skin using men’s razors, contact us today and take a look at everything we have to offer.