About eShave

eShave was created in 1996 by Danielle Malka under one premise:
“When you look good, you feel good”
A well‐groomed man exudes confidence and trust.
We believe : A happy shaver is a happy man☺

It all started when Danielle Malka worked as a marketing consultant for a famous English grooming company and while visiting with barbers in London. During conversations with them, she was puzzled by their enthusiastic description of their clients shaving experience. This was not the case for her husband nor any men she knew. With that on her mind, she developed the 3 steps of shaving program to bring the barber experience home to every man and created êShave as a shaving solution to all men shaving issues. This was achieved through the creation of a grooming product line that appealed to the modern man. Products that were not their father’s and grand father’s but that they could identify with, through unique scents, textures, high quality ingredients and looks. êShave took the traditional wet shaving concept and updated it to turn it into a transformational experience men could enjoy every day. Until today êShave is a modern brand that delivers results. True to its belief since its beginning, êShave and our grooming products for men, use minimal packaging and is one of the first vegan line with vegetable based formulas. It is also a paraben free, sulfate free, SLES and SLS free line. Our formulas are constantly revisited and updated with today’s newest findings.

eShave offers grooming products for men that fits today’s concern for healthy, quality ingredients with a respect for the environment.

eShave follows the pace of modern life.

Definition of modern

Relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past” The pace of modern life.

Synonyms: present‐day, contemporary, present, current, twenty‐first‐ century, modern‐day, recent.

This implies eShave is in constant evolution adapting itself to the latest consumers demands and concerns.

Definition of Wet shaving

Shaving using a badger hair shaving brush to lather shaving cream or shaving soap.

eShave is an avid advocate of the use of the shaving brush and the lathering shaving cream.

Our #1 selling products and “phare” product is our sulfate and SLS free shaving cream, recognized around the world as one of the best shaving cream available on the market.

3 steps to the perfect shave

The use of eShave products combined with the correct shaving techniques delivers the smoothest shave possible; free from razor burn, shaving‐related bumps and irritation, ingrown hair and 5 o’clock shadow.

eShave, and our grooming products for men, is a comprehensive solution which makes a difference in men’s lives.

About Danielle Malka and Pierre Ranger

A powerful husband and wife team, Danielle and Pierre have built eShave from the ground up. Danielle Malka started êShave over 20 years ago and was rapidly joined by her husband Pierre Ranger to support with the company expansion. She is a pioneer in the development of men’s shaving and men’s grooming brand and has established herself as an authority in the field. Today Danielle is recognized as a leader in the shaving industry, being interviewed on the subject and serving as a consultant in the industry.
Pierre Ranger has always had a passion for all that is new, and from the beginning of the internet has believed in the power of this new medium and was instrumental in the launch of eShave first website back in 1997. He is still today at the source of our ecommerce success.
With a background in art, Danielle also designs all the brand accessories, creating shaving brushes, razors and shaving stands that are unique to êShave and a definite signature of the brand. As a team Danielle’s and Pierre’s commitment, above all, is to offer their customers the best shaving experience ever and a great start to every morning. Everything from eShave products, design and customer service is crafted with this in mind.

They believe : A happy shaver is a happy man☺