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At eShave we have created a brand that prides itself in offering the best quality wet shaving products, like razors and brushes, to enhance your shaving experience and transform the way you feel about shaving. We also wanted to offer you an alternative to the traditional wet shaving product brands by offering modern scents, clean products that address your concern for healthy living and unique razor and brush designs to reflect your sense of beauty.

With this in mind, Danielle Malka pulled together her life experience in the beauty industry as well as her artistic experience to create eShave.
She started in life as an artist, painting and sculpting in an Avant Garde modern style.

So, when she stumbled onto wet shaving by pure accident and fell totally in love with the concept, it was only a natural extension for her to bring together Art and Beauty in entering the business world. As much as she enjoys every aspect of being an entrepreneur, she always felt the need to keep a creative dimension present in her life.

So very early on she started creating wet shaving products and accessories with each one a reference to a form of art to bridge her two passions, be it dance with Bejart Ballets interpretation in “Menage a Trois”, painting with a reference to Salvador Dali in “Rising Star” and Magritte with “Ceci est une Pipe” or Flamenco dancer with “Whirling Dervish”.

“Creating for me is a source of life. I need to periodically immerse myself in the creation of a piece, be it a painting, a sculpture or as I am doing now, a new shaving accessory. For me, Art is everywhere. I am inspired by everything I see, a movement a dance, a shape, a painting, a photo… Some form of art that I translate in a practical objet for shaving. Playing with forms, movements and a touch of humor, I create those small “objet d’art” that change the way one thinks of shaving and bring performance, fun and sensuality to the most mundane daily routine.”

Danielle Malka, eShave founder