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Alum Block

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Alum Block is known as the “Magic Stone”, this mineral bar is your best ally against shaving nicks and cuts.

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eShave Alum Block is 100% natural. Made of a blend of alum and potassium, it stops bleeding instantly in the event of the cut.

> Formulated to stop bleeding instantly
> Provides both an astringent and antiseptic effect
> Can also be used as an after shave to close pores and cleanse skin


> Wet stone before use.
> Apply on cut to stop bleeding instantly
> Rub on skin after shaving to close pores
> Rinse off and pat skin dry
> Apply moisturizing after shave

More uses: Can be used as
> a natural deodorant. Run under cold water and rub lightly on the underarm
> a pimple fixer, wet stone and rub over pimple until it leaves a deposit of salt. It is best to use overnight while sleeping
> keep Alum Block handy in the kitchen, tool or tackle box, even for the kids; use it anywhere you might get cut

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Alum Block

  1. michael wiggins

    Recommended by my barber and let me tell you it’s worth every penny, this is my second bar the first one is almost done for. But overall it works on the nicks. Will always be a fan

  2. will D.

    Great Stuff

    very good product

  3. Martin D.

    Better Than Any Styptic Pencil

    This product is really impressive. So much better than every styptic pencil that I have used that it really should be considered in a class by itself. Part of the advantage may be in the fact that this a block with more surface area than a pencil, so that when you rub it across your face you get much better contact. Also, it stings less, and is much more effective. One pass and the bleeding is usually done. My only complaint is that the block is a bit heavy. For travel I cut off a smaller piece.

  4. Brad K.

    Great Product

    This is the perfect product to use after rinsing off the shaving cream. It closes up small cuts and helps keep my face feeling smooth after shaving.

  5. jack D.

    High Quality Alum Bar

    I’ve been using these for a few years and have compared them to $5 bars you can buy from Amazon. The cheap bars never feel smooth and you kind of wonder what you are putting on your face. These bars although 4x the price are finely made, feel smooth on the face, and have a “purity” you just don’t find with other cheaper bars.

  6. Jim F.

    Simply Cool

    It’s very easy to serve and my skin is always clean and sweety since I get it.

  7. Keith L

    The Forgotten Wonder

    I love the e shave products but the most surprising one I have tried has to be the alum block. It is perfect after you have washed off the shave cream with cold water and before applying the moisturizer. It quickly closes any nicks and tightens the skin. Try it and you’ll wonder how you ever shaved without it!

  8. Carl

    Excellent Tool

    I had heard about the benefits of using an Alum Block when shaving but was I missing out. I ordered one from eshave’s website and it works just like people say. It instantly fixes any little cuts while shaving and leaves your skin scratch-free right before your after shave. Definitely recommend!

  9. Ray

    Wooo, Gone Are The Cuts

    Although I rarely cut my face, I use this bar everytime to close up the pores. It takes just a few seconds to sweep it across the face and rinse it off but the result is a much tighter skin and the confidence that there are no areas that will bleed if I had a nick.

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