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T Stand Shaving Set Black Ribbed One of the Kind Collection

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One of a kind design Black Ribbed 5 blade razor with our timeless T stand and  Fine Badger Shaving Brush. This set is part of our unique design accessories collection launch this year with availability of  only in one or two limited quantities.

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eShave Shaving Set in in our new fashionable color Orange is timeless piece of art, stylish, modern and forward design. And form does not preclude function: the stand allows for proper keeping and display of both your eShave Razor and Shaving Brush.

About the 5 Blade Razor: A perfect balance of form and function, eShave 5 Blade Razor has been designed to provide maximum handling comfort. Hand made in our studio one piece at the time, they are timeless piece of art. eShave 5 Blades Razor hold the Gillette® Fusion ® Blades

ABOUT BADGER HAIR: Fine Badger Hair is a good quality hair that softens with time. This brush should last a few years with minimal maintenance. All eShave Shaving Brushes are hand made in house one piece at a time.

About the T Shaving Stand: Classic with an edge, the T stand is a take of the basic shaving set with a twist where both arms stand at different height still giving a feeling of balance to the set.


>Run Shaving Brush under warm water
> Dip it lightly into Shaving Cream
> Lather up directly onto skin> Shave using short, light strokes to prevent irritation
> Shave with the grain (i.e. direction of hair growth) particularly in delicate areas
> For stubborn hair, re-apply Shaving Cream and repeat shaving in careful, sideways motion

> When done, rinse brush, shake excess water and hang, hair down on shaving stand to dry when done and razor to be ready for your next shave.

Maintenance Tip: To clean your stand, use a glass or silver cleaner and a soft cloth. For more stubborn stains, rub lightly baking soda paste and wash.

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Unique Scents and superior quality fragrances; perfume top grade fragrances are used to create discreet yet pleasant scents, combining and layering men’s traditional favorites, such as Orange Sandalwood, Verbena Lime and White Tea to enhance your shaving experience.
Artistically designed accessories: unique to eShave and created exclusively for you by our founder Danielle Malka. She personally hand-sculpted each model which is produced in small batches by artisans.
Functional and elegant shaving sets; original shapes, exciting colors and ergonomic forms. Each design evokes a form of art and is inspired by dance, painting or sculpting. (see the Collection)