Pre Shave Oil White Tea 2oz

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eShave Pre Shave Oil, the first step to an easy shave helps prevent razor burn and ingrown hair. A rich blend of natural oils, it has no paraben nor harsh chemicals. Loaded with vitamin E and A and antioxidant white tea.

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Allows razor to glide easily

Prevents razor burn and ingrown hair

Can be used before and after shaving.



eShave Paraben Free White Tea light weight Pre Shave Oil is the first step to efficiently prepare your skin for shaving. It is your shaving solution to prevent razor burn and ingrown hair. This well-balanced formula will never feel sticky and won’t clog your razor.

It works by using a blend of natural oils that work together before shaving in order to hydrate the skin, prevent irritation, and prepare the skin for the closest shave possible. We have made this pre-shave oil for anyone who suffers from irritation, ingrown hairs, skin dryness, or scuffs.

> Protects skin by creating a layer of oil over the skin
> Coats and softens hair to allow the razor to glide easily
> Relieves shaving irritation by avoiding direct contact between the skin and the blade
> Eliminates dryness by moisturizing while preparing skin for shaving



eShave Pre Shave Oil contains a blend of natural oils that work together to soothe dryness, relieve irritation and provide maximum razor protection. The super-moisturizing, lush blend of oil, tone and hydrates, promotes healthy cell turnover and clarifies skin. Added Vitamins E & A deliver antioxidant properties to protect and leave skin feeling soft

COTTONSEED OIL: Deeply hydrates
SWEET ALMOND OIL: Softens hair and hydrates skin
CASTOR OIL: Helps calm redness
SAFFLOWER OIL: Restores and nourishes skin
GRAPE SEED OIL: Heals skin, tighten pores, promotes healthy cell turnover
VITAMINS E &A: Antioxidant, protects skin


> Apply 2 drops of Pre Shave Oil on wet face and neck
> Massage gently to create a layer of protection over the skin

Shaving Tip: Apply with the hand you do not shave with. This will prevent the razor from slipping out of your hand while you shave.
More Uses: Can be used as,
> a beard and skin moisturizer to hydrate the skin and relieve dryness irritation as well as soften the hair for a more polished look
> a bump relief, after shaving to help prevent bumps and ingrown hair; just rub to affected areas and make penetrate
> an after waxing relief to calm redness, inflammation and skin irritation

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Deliver One Time, Replenish Every 1 month, Replenish Every 2 months, Replenish Every 3 months, Replenish Every 4 months, Replenish Every 5 months, Replenish Every 6 months



Cottonseed Oil (Gossypium herbaceum seed oil), Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis), Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis), Safflower Oil (Carthamus Tinctorius), Grape Seed Oil (Vitis Vinifera), Fragrance (Parfum), Phenoxiethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin, Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate), Limonene,  Linalool, Benzyl Benzoate.

Reviews (37)

37 reviews for Pre Shave Oil White Tea 2oz

  1. Larry Young (verified owner)

    Excellent pre shave oil. Small bottle but it literally only requires a drop of oil. To be honest I still can get cuts. Consider it to be my clumsiness. It does help mitigate the cuts and definitely helps eliminate most irritation. It is a very light oil and the scent is not overbearing. I may have preferred other scents but not a big deal. I do plan to purchase again when I run out of the oil.

    • Danielle eShave (verified owner)

      Hi Larry,

      Thank you for your review, much appreciated. And I agree with you. you only need a few drops as it is highly concentrated without being sticky. Glad you are enjoying it and happy to hear you will come back for more. FYI, we are working on a new scent to come out later this year a little stronger that we are used to and I hope you will like it. Be on the look out for our email announcement. Take Care and stay safe

  2. Corey D.

    No More Ingrown Hairs!

    With the oil and shave cream combo, I’ve had the softest shave ever. Once very stubborn ingrown hairs have disappeared! I love their products.

  3. Eric E.

    Super Cool

    when I bought a eshave product, wow it’s cool, it has the”e” as my name and surname. But when I used it, I immediately perceived that this is a quality product. I like the WHITE TEA OIL PRESHAVE especially because it is the only oil that allows me to have a shave without cuts and irritation. The oil soothes the skin and I feel better after having shaved my beard with it, I recommended for those who have sensitive skin.

  4. Chris F.

    Great Shave Oil

    Very light oil, all natural, helps to relieve shaving irritation

  5. David S.


    Usually I wait a week to shave. If I use this, its easy no problem. If I don’t use the pre shave oil, shaving is unbearable. If I dont use it, I literally have to use a trimmer first and then shave. And I use it to soften and straighten my beard because its coarse.

  6. John B.

    Best Shave Oil

    This is the best shave oil on the market. It does not feel like motor oil going on your face.

  7. John S.

    Best Shave Oil

    This is the best pre-shave oil I have ever used. I thought they would all be the same, not so. Best addition to the shaving routine

  8. james F.


    These oils actually make shaving a pleasant and enjoyable experience. One gets a great, close shave. After the shave, the skin simply sparkles with pleasure.

  9. Kale G.


    the smell of this product is unreal, it leaves my skin feeling great! I cant say enough about this pre shave oil!

  10. Gabriel M.

    Razor Burn Gone !

    The pre-shave oil I use has dramatically decreased razor burn.

  11. Darrel C.

    Outstanding Products

    The pre Shave oil makes shaving so much easier and smoother. I now don’t mind shaving, I hated shaving before and would always wait until I couldn’t take the itch before mshaving. Now I shave every 1-2 days

  12. Georges G.

    Awesome Shave

    The eShave preshave oils are essential to a close, comfortable shave. After trying the oil for the first time a few months ago, I will never shave without it!

  13. Sam Z.

    Need I Say More

    THE BEST shave ever.

  14. Steve R.

    No Nicks No More

    The absolute best Pre-Shave Oil that I have ever used. It literally allows the razor to slide across your face with no nicks or cuts. Thanks for this !!

  15. Ed S.

    I Loved It

    That makes shaving easier and smells delicious

  16. beb A.

    Amazing Prep

    Since I have started to us eshave pre shave oil, I find my razor glides easier and I don’t get that pulling of the hair that use to hurt so much. Thank you eshave

  17. Steve S.

    Best Products

    Shame I can only rate 1 product. I’ve tried others and without a doubt e shave is far superior to the others but I’m only supposed to be rating the oil. I found art of Shaving much too thick and heavy, also the scent was a bit too much.

  18. Michael W.

    Favorite Shaving Oil!

    I’ve tried a lot of shaving oils, and all of eshave’s pre shave oils are by far the best i’ve tried. The white tea products are my favorite scent. One bottle lasts me a very long time because the oil is super concentrated.

  19. Jacques R.

    Great Products

    If you have a tough beard like I do, the pre have oil is an absolute must. No more five o’clock shadows when you use this. Get ready for the closest shave you’ve ever had!

  20. Dan B.

    Changed How I Think About Shaving

    I used to dread shaving each morning because of the way my face felt after I was done. It would be left irritated and often nicked. Now, since I’ve started using eShave’s brushes, along with pre-shave oil & cream, my experience is completely different. My face is no longer left irritated, and the resulting shave is smoother than when I was using conventional spray creams or gels. I’ll never go back.

  21. Peter G.

    I Love It

    i started using the oil a couple of months ago and it changed my routine, no more razor burns and a close shave every morning

  22. Ben R.

    Miracle Oil

    I love this stuff. This is what I have been looking for all my adult life! It works. It really does. You soften up the skin, soften up the facial hairs, and away fall the hairs when the razor comes…super…just super.

  23. Bryan C.

    Vastly Improved My Shaves

    I have thick hair like many men and go through razors like crazy, always had a problem with razor burn and whiteheads forming after shaving due to the irritation and improper hair cutting by my razors. However, as soon as I began using the eshave oil, the razor burn has been virtually eliminated and the appearance of whiteheads is very much reduced. This is the best product out there to improve the flow of your razor across your skin, especially if you have thick hair like myself.

  24. Rocco F.

    Best Shave

    I have been using their shaving products for a number of years. Just great products that create a smooth shave

  25. Joe C.

    Best Preshave Oil Ever.

    I have been using eShave pre shave oil for several years. It has made a great difference in the closeness of the shave and is great on my sensitive skin. I highly recommend it along with the shaving soap.


    I Really Like This

    I got the free sample and will surely buy the shaving cream again or the collection. This white tea smell is unbelievable.

  27. Jason W.

    No More Burn

    I get a close shave without the burn with your pre shave oil. Thank you

  28. Samanthia W.

    Boyfriend Gives 5 Stars

    I gave this as part of a shaving set and this was one of his favorite pieces along with the preshaving oil. He loved the fresh clean scent and the way that it makes his skin super smooth. I will be purchasing more in Feburary for his birthday!

  29. Mike F.

    A Must For Sensitive Skin

    I found my solution for my sensitive skin. My face would break out in a rash using big name shaving creams. Started using eShave products 4 years ago. 1st cucumber, now white tea, Awesome! When used correctly they will last several months and make your skin look great too.

  30. Ian D.

    First Time Buyer Of E Shave

    I called into the Winter Garden Store,recently when I was on vacation,The shop assitant was very helpfull and polite, this product is the best I have ever tried for my sensitive skin, I would recomend E Shave to anybody who would like to try a Excellent Quility Product, and many thanks for your advice

  31. Motor City Shaver

    I Only Shave With E Shave

    I absolutely get the closest, most comfortable and luxurious shave with e shave. Love the pre shave oil, the shave cream and the after shave soother. This is an awesome combination to make shaving easy and pleasurable. My face feels incredible after shaving. Wow!

  32. Simon L

    What A Shave

    Had a shave in the rock shop. The best shave I’ve ever had. Bought some White tea oil and it is superb! Outstanding service.

  33. Paul Kaliner

    Great Oils

    Good oils just enough gliding and not as thick as others I have tried.

  34. Mark F.

    Super Shaving Cream

    Fabulous scent and phenomenal shave!

  35. Neal F.

    Where Has This Been All My Life?

    Between the shave oil, cream and my badger brush I no longer suffer the painful scrapes and irritation that has plagued me for so many years. With sensitive skin underneath my barbed wire beard shaving has always been a chore. Not anymore. Thanks eShave!

  36. Robert H.

    Amazing Pre-Shave Oil

    As the French say, Vive la difference! I never would have thought that pre-shave oil would turn my shaving experience around, but has it ever! It is truly amazing how a small amount of oil massaged into the skin can result in such a pleasant shaving experience. The razor just glides over my skin, which is left smooth and clean!

  37. Andre C.

    Great Product

    As an African American Male it’s important to fine quality shaving products. This eShave Pre Shave Oil not only makes the shaving experience really smooth but it also takes great care of your skin. Also I can use this as an aftershave to keep my skin smooth.

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