Stand and Deliver

One of the most commonly neglected elements of any shaver’s arsenal is the stand. Sure, you shell out the big bucks on a 100% silvertip badger-hair brush and a top-of-the-line, customized, monogrammed, handmade razor with a phoenix feather core. You then buy the best all-natural shaving creams, pre-shave oils, and after-shave lotions, because your skin is far too important to be abused with dime-store brand aerosol cream. Like a caveman.

But then, what do you do with those artisanal implements? Do you give them the care and coddling such precision instruments need to reach their full potential? Sure, you may keep your razor clean, change the blade regularly, and save it the indignation of coming in contact with your, ahem, downstairs brush.

And you think that you can keep your brush in good working order by shaking off excess water after each use and keeping it out of harm’s way, locked deep in a medicine cabinet or underneath a bathroom sink. You tell yourself, “There, my little daughter won’t use my precious blaireau to apply makeup or anything like that. And my son won’t use it to dust himself off when he comes in from the sandbox.  It’s the perfect plan!”

Although I appreciate your enthusiasm, I regret to inform you that you are missing a crucial element of brush maintenance. See, simply shaking the brush doesn’t get it completely dry. Badger hair, as you may know, is the only type of hair that absorbs and holds water, which is what makes it perfect for shaving. The key to a close shave is getting warm water close to your skin, and 100% badger works better than boar, synthetic, and any other imitators on the market at that job. So even if the tips of the bristles are dry, there may still be moisture lurking in the depths.

Keeping your brush dry is no less important to shavers than keeping gunpowder dry was to old-timey cowboys. The little bit of moisture can become a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungi that will eat away at your brush, making the hair fall out and degenerating the tool long before its time.

So what, then, is the answer to this crisis of our times? Do we as a nation have the fortitude and strength to overcome such heinous dangers?

We do. We always crush the rest of the world in the Olympics and landed a robot on Mars. If that doesn’t eliminate the stereotype that Americans are fat and dumb, consider this: the eShave Shaving Stand. Available in numerous designs, from the practical T Stand to the sleek and sexy S Stand, this marvel of engineering solves the basic problem of brush maintenance.

The key to all eShave stands is that they hold the brush upside down so that excess water drips off, leaving your brush high and dry. This protects the brush from degradation and scum build-up; it works so well, I used it on my little sister’s new friends, and it got rid of them!

Of course, some people prefer the stands because they make a stylish addition to any shaving set.  These units have been designed to match our hand-crafted brushes, and if your girlfriend ever tried to teach you anything, it’s that it’s important to get things that match. These eShave products look good, but you can make them look even better with a Shaving Stand.