victor lathering with a shaving brush


You thought you were done with the preparation and ready to shave. Sorry man there is one more step.

Lather, lather, lather…… when you lather eShave shaving cream with a badger hair shaving brush, you in fact do easily what you need to get a close shave pain free. That is keep the pores open, soften the hair even more and raise the hair instantly away from the skin. Remember what we said last week? To get that close shave you want without razor burn, bumps and ingrown hair, you need to always keep in mind your O S R. now it is done. The Badger hair shaving brush unleashes the power of your shaving cream and it is the fastest and easiest way to prepare the skin for the perfect shave.

You are now ready to shave. Seriously, you can now take your razor and start finally shaving. It all sounded like it is a long, complicated process, in fact it will take less than two minutes to prepare your skin and the benefits last all day long and most importantly pain free.

Shave with a Badger Hair Shaving brush and a Shaving Cream is essential for the Best Shave Ever!

We said earlier you need to shave with the grain. With your skin and Hair properly prepared you are ready to do it. Follow the hair growth and with short light strokes shave the face than the neck. You will notice the hair growth in different direction on your neck than on the face. That is because your neck hair is part of your face and part of your chest.

How do you know and figure out how your hair growth in the neck area? Before shaving run your fingers along the neck, you will notice the hair growth in one particular direction from the chin to the Adam Apple and that is in the same direction than your face hair because it is part of your face. And from the Adam Apple down it goes in a different direction. Those are your chest hair coming up the neck. Just feel, detect the direction and follow it carefully with the razor. Do not go against the hair as this will cause ingrown hair.

Now you’ll tell me it is not perfect, this is not the close shave you wanted, and you are right. Remember your shaving brush is still full of shaving cream, just run it under water to generate more lather and lather up a second time. Then shave sideways to the hair. You can repeat these steps are often as you want as long as you make sure not to shave against the hair, be very light on the blade and always make sure there is cream between your skin and the razor. Voila


Come back next week for step 3!